Wearable Earth Jewelry

Each Piece Is Hand Crafted

Each Stone Necklace Is Unique,

These Necklaces Are Made In America

Unique & Special…Just Like You

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wrapped stone necklaces

Products: Unique and Speacial, These are beautiful stone with energy properties made into necklaces Catagory: Rock Jewelry

Rocks, Stones and Shells

Welcome to Wearable Earth Jewelry!

As far back as I can remember Nature always supplied the best gifts ….

There is Energy in everything around us.

I use my love of nature in my everyday life and I’d like to share it with you .

The stones are a way of passing along the energy, through their beauty and healing powers.

From Calming to Grounding… Balancing to Energizing…

They can awaken in you whatever

you need each time you wear them.

Kathleen Nohe


energy stones used for necklaces in Augusta Georgia

I truly feel there is a way to connect with

nature and with each other through energy… and that is what my goal is…

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