Wearable Earth Jewelry

Each Piece Is Hand Crafted

Each Stone Necklace Is Unique,

These Necklaces Are Made In America

Unique & Special…Just Like You

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These stones are for when you feel "off" and need to come back to center. By definition balance is;

"The right amount" "not too much or too little"

"The quality which leads to harmony or evenness"


These stones help you compose yourself, take it easy,

and pull yourself together.

By definition calm is;

"To make quiet, soothe and tranquil" "still, motionless"



These stones help keep you feeling secure and solid in your intentions.

By definition grounded is;

"Mentally and emotionally stable" "sensible, realistic"

Wire Wrapped Stone Necklace Augusta Ga


These stones help you "power up" and "switch on"

By definition energize is;

"To enliven, invigorate, stimulate, motivate and encourage"


These stones help you reach into your higher self, that which guides you... Your soul.

By definition to transcend is:

"To go beyond the range of a conceptual field" "surpass, exceed, triumph"